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December 13, 2005


David Owen-Cruise

Here's hoping for an increase in your spiffiness index.

My psychopharmacology refs are in another state, but I'm pretty sure that Abilify is currently the bees' knees because it usually has fewer funky side effects than a lot of the other mood stabilizers. That's fewer, not none. Seratonin and dopamine shouldn't have that much involvement with the ADD, but there's about three really good models for ADD that don't agree on mechanism at all, so all bets are off there. Sorry about that.

Yes, there is a high correlation between ADD and depression. Years of being told you're stupid because you can't focus for too long can do that. There are some medication and non-medication treatments for adults with good track records, but side effects and dosages for the drugs can get tricky. I'd have to poke at some of my textbooks for more.

Would you believe I gafiated to get a grad degree is psychology?

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