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June 06, 2005


Christopher Davis

Ah, the Nourse Star Surgeon (not to be confused with the James White of the same title, of course). Also one of my favorite books when I was at the Golden Age (12), and I agree it doesn't hold up.

I do like the image of Puget Sound as an aquatic animal hospital ward, though.

Mary Kay

I believe I was 10 or 11 when I read it. Someone in class gave an oral bookreport on a science fiction book and I thought it sounded interesting. It had been a medical oriented sf book so that's what I picked out from the sf shelf at the library. It had enormous impact on me at the time. I re-read it a lot. I had remembered it with great fondness and then someone reissued it in pb. Sigh.

I had been softened up by reading a series about a character call Rick Brant. Rick's dad was a scientist and Rick and his pal Scotty were always inventing some scientific gadget to help them solve mysteries and get out of fixes. I think they were Stratemeyer syndicate books but the author name used was John Blaine. It's amazing how few people know this series. Well amazing to me. I have a nearly complete collection of them now and do still enjoy rereading one of them occasionally.


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