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September 21, 2004



YIKES! I'm just waiting for the ilk of Fred Phelps to spawn into this pond....

The Disgusting Mr. Phelps is a Kansan, a defrocked minister who does such nasty things as encourage his anti-gay followers to picket funerals and other such things. And all his myriad children have become lawyers so they can help him make sure 'his' constitutional rights are observed (Goddess forbid he be objected to publicliy -- they'll jump down your throat if you try to remove him. In a costly fashion.)

Just Yikes.

Mary Kay

Eeeuuuuw. I knew who Phelps was but I didn't know his children were enabling him. As I think one of the articles mentioned, this is not the first of these fundamentalist right wing law schools. I think it was Pat Robertson who has one too. Arrgh.


Larry Brennan

There's also Ave Maria School of Law, which has an "orthodox" Catholic take on the law. Robert Bork teaches a required class there, and the board includes such luminaries as Alan Keyes. Clarence Thomas delivered the commencement address to the class of 2004. The whole shebang was bankrolled by Domino's Pizza magnate, Tom Monaghan.

I actually have a very close friend who's a 3-L there, (scholarships can be very persuasive) who reports that there's tension between the school's largely radical-conservative student base, and the administration, who require that every class include Canon Law teaching, and a review of Catholic positions on social justice (which are often quite progressive.)

Ave Maria may bear some watching, but not as much as anything Pat Robertson is up to.

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