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July 09, 2004


Jill Smith


And may I say that from what I have gleaned seeing the tiny details and corners of your home that I envy your Craftsman-style abode?


My lord! My mother has that exact same tablecloth as you do!

And I understand what Loki's trying to do. My cat used to chase the light that reflected off my watch face when I would lay in bed reading. Now every time he goes into my room, he jumps up onto the bed and stares at the spot on the wall where the reflection usually appears, as if he's waiting for his "toy." :)

Mary Kay

Jill: Yes, it's a wonderful house and we're very lucky. It really only has one drawback. It was built in 1907 and it has only 3 tiny closets in the whole house. Why they didn't fix this when the renovated the entire house 12 years ago is beyond me.

Acadiaqueen: Yeah I know. Both of our will chase watch crystal reflections and laser pointer dots and the like. Thing about the ones from the door is, they don't move. Not even when he pounces on them...

You know, I have no idea where that tablecloth came from. We set up a folding table in the livingroom to be the champagne bar for the party and when I went to dig out a table cloth to hide its folding table ugliness there this one was. I have no memory of having bought it...


Jill Smith

Gah. Three tiny closets. Gah. But still.... Craftsman. Stickley. William Morris. Rennie Mackintosh. Yum.

Our house is mid-1980's Idunnowhatthehellstyleitis. Various architectural details bump and grind like drunken partiers at Studio 54. Federal dining room (chair rail, dentil molding, bay window), sort of 80's-modern stairway railings, and butt-uggggglllleee fireplaces (Ye Olde Suisse Chateau - but now with fake stones!). But it does have wonderful decks and tons of closet space.

But some day I would lovelovelove to have a craftsman-style house.


As ever, an outstanding catblog.

Craftsman-style houses are at least built for ventilation, which is more than can be said for most modern stuff. Closets vs ventilation...hmmmm.
The 4-square I live in is as unprovided as any--and while I realize wardrobes were the typical solution back then, it's still a pain. Part of the problem with ours may be that it was built as a funeral home cum residence, with the business downstairs and the residence upstairs [the, um, prep work was done in the basement, so no need for closets on the first floor] However, none of the houses in the neighborhood are well-provided for, even by the standards of 50 years ago, let alone today's.

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