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July 08, 2004



Link to Elayne Riggs appear to be broken.

Other refs to it:

"Your Country Is Safe From Me"

Earlier part of the story:

Mary Kay

Okay, I think I fixed the link. Grrumph blogger grrrumph.


Elayne Riggs

Yeah, I'd apologize for the broken link but that's Blogger for you. What do you want for nothing, rubber biscuits? :) Thanks for the plug, Mary Kay - I'm grateful to Maru Soze for being on the ball with this, she's the only blogger on my blogroll who even mentioned it!


I remember reading Dahlia Lithwick's piece about this a while back. Not only is this administration desperate to control the media, they are doing it in a manner that seems most guaranteed to blow up in their faces and expose themselves as the ham-handed idiotic thugs they are.

As an acquaintance's mother said about her soon-to-be-ex-husband, "It's time to redecorate!"

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