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May 01, 2004



Oh, that hits the nail on the head. I've had outrage fatigue since the Iran-Contra scandal in the Reagan years.

Radio report: "They took hostage money from Iran and gave it to the Contras!"
Stef: "Of course they did. What did you expect?" [changes channel]


Valerie Plame.

The sliming of Richard Clarke.

The sliming of O'Neill.

The sliming of Chambliss.


Diverting 700K from Afghanistan to planning the invasion of Iraq.

Secret Energy Meeting.

Flying Saudis on 9/12.

Celebrating King Day with an Amicus Curiae brief in favor of eliminating affirmative action.

Celebrating the next King Day with the appointment of a segregationist judge whose ascension had been blocked by the Senate.

Have I added enough for you?


Mary Kay

Scorpio: Indeed, I thought of most of those while compiling my lists, but I was going mostly for things recently in the news. The oldest thing in my list is just over 1 month and that was basically because I wanted to have something from Making Light. Particularly good points about the MLK Day stuff though. Sigh.


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