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May 26, 2004



Hippo sweat--way too cool.

I read Timothy Noah's Chatterbox piece at Slate before dropping by here. He thinks Osama doesn't much care who wins, inasmuch as Kerry isn't likely to forget about Osama, no matter what he does about Iraq. It's an interesting piece, which again supports my suspicion that Rove & Co. think we're dumber than rocks.
I thought the piece at Slate about Mars in Utah was pretty neat, to change the subject entirely. Hey, if you can bring up hippo sweat, I can go off topic, too.

Mary Kay

Heh. It's not like I get so many comments that going OT is a problem. As it happens this is cooler than you know because I read it while sitting in a hotel room (free wifi) in Utah.



I shall keep in mind that you'll let me get away with it as long as it's entertaining--in a good way.

Hope the trip back is better.

I noticed on the news last night that John Ashcroft and his big mouth have succeded in annoying everyone else in the administration, including Tom Ridge and Co., and have caused the Shrub to emit a Mild Query of Dismay. "Are you guys on the same page?" indeed. I suppose Ashcroft needed to prop up his ego after the court sided with Oregon. There's a reason he lost to the late Mel Carnahan, and it's not because Missourians were too dim to realize Mel was dead.

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