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May 18, 2004


Laura G

Don't give your money to the papers. Read 'em on-line. Every article is there and searchable. And, despite being a subscriber to The Seattle Times, I don't think either of them is worth the paper they are printed on. I don't think Journalism is actually practiced by the media anymore.


I know Intel has a facility in Rio Rancho; that may explain some of the demographics, at least the free lunch bit. Also, I wonder how those numbers compare to other suburban schools -- I"m guessing the numbers shift the other way at a lot of rural schools and probably some of the urban schools.

Dave Bell

I know that, as I was reading Mary Kay's account of how the school compared to local averages, I was expecting to read of something like a military facility. But then the free school meals came up, and I know that a lot of soldier's families qualify for food stamps.

But Intel? If it's anything like the British Army they won't have any of the lowest ranks, the least-well paid, in those specialities.

It fits...

Mark Wilder

If you look at the specific statistics for Rio Rancho (which are different from the average for the whole state) you can see that the school is not outside the norm:

78.36% White, 2.66% African American, 2.37% Native American, 1.46% Asian, 0.17% Pacific Islander, 10.85% from other races, and 4.12% from two or more races. 27.68% of the population are Hispanic or Latino of any race.

Mary Kay

Mark Wilder: I was, in fact looking at the specific stats for the school and comparing them to the ones for the state as a whole, as you could see from the looking at the link. I'm not sure what kind of problem you're seeing.


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