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January 30, 2004



Oh! What breed is your Dominic? My Angel has that same kind of coloring and body type, but she's a stray, and I've always just 'part siamese, maybe'.

Adorable critters. :)

Mary Kay

According to the vet who examined him when we got him from the shelter he's half blue point Siamese and half tabby. He has a very tabby like body with the Siamese coloring. The eyes, which you can't see in this picture, are a very very pale blue rather than the sapphire of a purebred Siamese. I'm told this is very characteristic of the cross.



I have a cat that looks just like Dominic (and has the same background)! Her name is Xena and I think her Siamese side comes out more than her tabby side. She talks all the time and is rather demanding when she doesn't get attention. She will jump on a person's shoulder to make sure that person understands that Xena needs something *right now*. Luckily she is so soft and loves to cuddle so her victims generally get over it right away.

Matt McIrvin

Hmm... He looks like a Burmese to me.


I have a cat named Loki that looks a lot like your baby. Mine is a chocolate brown Burmese, he looks almost black in pictures.

How did you come up with the name Loki? I read a lot of fantasy and that is where I got the name, a Nordic God of something......



With Mary Kay's Permission, I've added the images of her cats to my ecard section. :)


Mary Kay

JWC: Loki is a not uncommon name for cats. He's the Norse version of the Trickster and is always causing trouble. Certainly that's how ours got his name. I too am a reader of fantasy and science fiction, but I've known about Loki for years on account of my fascination with mythology of all sorts.


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