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October 10, 2005


Jill Smith

Mmmm. I finished the plain chocolate oat Hob Nobs I got at World Market a few days ago. Must go back to World Market...

D. Potter

The Register rather reminded me of The Onion, but more astringent. (Pungent?)


Well, the Reg has a funny,ascerbic manner; unlike the Onion, their stories are almost all factual.

I'm dismayed to discover that my beloved Hobnobs and Ginger Creams are not just a minority choice, but under one percent preference each. If this is a trend, I'm eventually going to have to learn how to make my own.

Mary Kay

Jill: Yeah, after being introduced to milk chocolate digestives this summer and bringing home a supply I discovered I could get them fairly easily at Cost Plus and similar places. The stem ginger biscuits I fell in love with last time I was in Scotland and harder to find. (No, not stem ginger shortbread.)

D.: Great to see you here! I didn't realize you looked at my blog. How's tricks in the BA?

Victor: Hi!


Christopher Davis

I so wish there were a Cost Plus near Boston, though we manage to get British/Irish foods easily enough. (Chip Hitchcock gave me a particularly good pointer to a place out in Brighton.)


Hi there, I see your LJ is gone ... hope it's just a matter of pruning things you find you don't really have time for, to concentrate on what's important.

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