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April 10, 2005


Leslie Turek

I remember the Salk vaccine, too. In fact, I was a "Polio Pioneer" - getting the vaccine in the semi-testing phase, when I was in second grade around 1954. I remember getting frightened by a neighbor kid who told me that I shouldn't get the shots because they would give me polio. I went home crying, but my parents convinced me it would be okay. I wish I still had the button they gave me as a souvenir. I did save it for several years, but it eventually got lost.

I also ended up getting the "real" Salk vaccine when it was officially released a few years later, and then the Sabin (sp?) oral vaccine when I was in high school. So I was really protected against polio.

Interesting story you tell about maybe getting polio at the age of 4. I hope you don't get any of the aftereffects that are sometimes reported in adult polio survivors. You're absolutely right, it is scary stuff.


Ah, thanks for the Polyamory link. "Wibbly" is not a term I had encountered before, and it's darned useful, really.


Here you go -- tagging you with a question thing --


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