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October 25, 2004



Kudos to you!

I think I'm too angry to be of much use as a poll monitor, and too much up in the air as to what I'm doing week to week to be able to commit to anything. It actually makes me feel a bit guilty... Especially with you laying all the resources out there.

I think I may drop by the local Dem HQ and ask if they need any volunteer help over the next week. I live in the Bay Area, and there's really only one competitive race in the county, but they may have something for non-commital ol' me.

Mary Kay

Hey, we all do what we can. Even in you're in a state like CA, the local Kerry office may be able to use you on phone banks.


Leslie Turek

If you have a cell phone and can make free long distance calls from home, you can go to calls.johnkerry.com and make a few calls into battleground states. These are calls to friendly people, giving them information about canvassing opportunities in their area. The site gives you 5 calls to make at a time, which doesn't take very long, so you can do as little or as much as you want whenever you have a little free time.


The polls show the dead are voting 98 to 2 Democract in Ohio. Anyone want to volunteer to keep the dead from voting? Franklin county? The conservative backlash against this rampant fraud is going to be a hoot to watch ;)


Election Protection folks, remember that we have to be non-partisan on Tuesday, no matter how pissed off we may feel :-)


I protect the vote by working as a polling place inspector. :)

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